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After driving under the main crossbars and turning left, you’ll see a cluster of quaint weathered buildings, sitting warmed by the Arizona sun on the valley floor. Welcome to Hideout Ranch...

If horses are the heart of Hideout Ranch, The Red Dog Saloon is the soul. Situated at the intersection of Main Street and Waterline Road in “town”, the Red Dog, with its distinctive Hideout Red doors, is a gathering place where guests become friends, and friends become family. Here, delicious, home-cooked meals are enjoyed, and coffee (or colder refreshments) are sipped while planning grand adventures. This appealing, airy room, with its floor-to-ceiling windows, boasts spectacular views from every vantage point. The Red Dog is a new building where antiques and heirlooms are comfortably settled, pieces and items anxious to share their own stories. Weather permitting – well, let’s face it, when doesn’t weather permit in Southeastern Arizona? – the wrap-around porches and deck invite everyone outside to sit and enjoy dazzling sunrises and blazing sunsets.

Further west down Main Street is the Boarding House. The west side is the Horseshoe Room, closer to landmark Horseshoe Canyon. A King-size and a full-size bed promise peaceful sleep after an adventurous day in the saddle. The east side is the Range Room, nearer to our own cattle’s grazing range. Here a Queen-size and two single beds offer sweet repose and dreams of tomorrow’s ride. Large and airy, solid glass windows bring the bright blue Arizona sunshine right inside. Spacious bathrooms have shower/tub combinations. Cozy conversation corners wait for that cup of morning coffee and the peace of a desert morning. A wide covered porch runs the length of the back, facing south down the valley. The solid center door can be opened wide for larger groups.

Across Waterline from the Red Dog, is the Office where our guests check in and out, print boarding passes, or use the phone to assure family of a safe arrival. The snug little building is the nerve center of Hideout Ranch administrative and creative activities, furnished with heavy pine Mexican furniture, a brigade of watchful armadillos, and colourful equine memories, captured and framed.

Down Main Street, behind the Office, is the Line Shack. Traditionally a welcome refuge for cowboys riding the range, the Line Shack offers a Queen-sized bed, full bathroom, and an amazing view. It’s perfect for a single traveler or a couple to rest up from one day’s adventure to be ready for the next day of exploration on horseback.

Across from the Red Dog Saloon, facing Waterline Road, is the Cottage. Spacious yet cozy, the Cottage offers a Queen-sized bed, a comfy sleeper sofa, and a full bath. Large windows look down the cattle range and bring the mountains nearly inside.


A quick walk past the Cottage sits the Wrangler’s Quarters. It’s wide front porch begs you to sit and enjoy the sweeping down-valley view before going inside to spacious yet cozy privacy. A Queen-sized bed and luxurious leather sleeper sofa offer plenty of space to relax, resting up for the next day’s adventure. A small desk encourages journaling, recording your Hideout Ranch experience for future reflections.

Aside from captivating views, comfortable homes-away-from-home, and the friendly, Old Western hospitality of the Red Dog Saloon, the town has also new-fangled WiFi and laundry facilities.