Our Cattle

Experience guest ranch cattle roundupThe Hideout Herd originated in Virginia with our foundation cows coming to us through the Premium Assured Program at a special sale and a private purchase from Soldier's Hill Angus, a farm renowned for their purebred Black Angus cattle. Our foundation bull, Woodrow, was bred there as well. Our younger bull, Run, heifers from our first and second generations, and our orphaned twins, Warner and Wynette, have all been with us since birth. Purebred Texas Longhorns have recently joined the Angus on the Hideout Range.

Run assumed herd leadership with the passing of Woodrow in 2010. While his departure was painful, life continues and Woodrow's legacy is evident in Newt, who has secured a place as Heir Apparent. Hideout Cattle Heard

Hideout Ranch uses both a numbering system on our signature red ear tags and a thematic naming convention for each "generation". For example, we've used precious gemstones, Civil War battles, and "Ws" for Woodrow's first calf crop. In keeping with the established rule to follow a Western theme when naming new residents of Hideout Ranch, calves currently honor characters from the sweeping Western epic Lonesome Dove and other cowboy classics.