Riding Lessons

At Hideout Ranch, our goal is to give our guests as much horse knowledge and information as they can absorb. We have years of experience introducing "greenhorns" to riding and reschooling riders from one discipline to another – in the round pen and on the trail. Hideout lessons include all aspects of horsemanship. Think of your visit as a practical lab in Horse 101. You'll learn to:


•  Approach the horse you want to catch
•  Halter properly and safely
•  Groom thoroughly, including a demonstration of the various brushes and their specific purpose
•  Pick out hooves, learning the proper method and reasons why
•  Pad, saddle, and cinch properly, with comfort of the horse in mind
•  Bridle and unbridle with the horse’s comfort in mind
•  Mount and sit properly in a Western saddle
•  Use your seat and leg instead of your hands
•  Hold the reins and use them properly
•  Control your mount at all times
•  Keep your horse's attention
•  Understand how your horse thinks, and how to think like them

For the safety of our horses and comfort of our guests, we have a 240-lb. weight limit.