We are a small family from Switzerland.

We visited Hideout Ranch in April 2013 with our 13 year old son for four days on our trip through the US. We had great rides on fantastic and gentle horses through breathtaking landscapes and living nature, which by the way were done easily also by Father and Son, who both were not experienced riders. They loved it so much that we decided to stay one more day than originally planned. Craig and Tam are experienced and friendly guides and true Horsepeople. They do their job with passion and love. We noticed also that they engage not only for the animals, but also for the environment what deserved our respect. Our accommodation was a cozy little house made of Wood which made us feel like we were at home. Also, the meals we had were always a culinary highlight, and we loved the talks and laughs in a familiar atmosphere.

Thank you Tam and Craig for this great time which all of us will always remember.

Easy to get there, yes, but impossible to leave!!!! You are warned.

I came to Hideout Ranch all alone for eight days, and Craig and Tamara made me feel like family in two minutes flat. The place is peaceful and deep. It doesn’t let you see everything it has at first glance, but reveals itself slowly, hour by hour, sunset after sunset. It’s simple. I was surprised everyday for eight days! And Tamara and Craig know how to make it last longer, picking trails a little more astonishing each time. They know their horses by heart, and treasure them. Too much care is never too much. You can see the difference when you are riding the horse they chose according to your character. Lozen, the beautiful black quarter horse I rode, was at first totally attached to Craig and Tamara – what I had to say didn’t count much. But she gave me a chance to bond with her and, when it happened, the experience got even more intense. Imagine yourself in the wild with a horse willing to give you everything they have! This is not vacation. This is a lifetime experience that makes you grow bigger and see farther.

If you are seeking the “REAL” deal and an experience of a lifetime then this is the place to visit.

We recently experienced a week at the Hideout Ranch with Craig and Tamara.    Let me talk about Tamara…. A passionate person who loves her animals, who clearly cares for, cherishes and has a level of communication that everyday reveals they love her as well……they could not be in better hands.  She is helpful, caring, patient, and will make sure your ride is perfect in every way… a consummate horse expert Tamara is one of those rare individuals that knows her horses well and knows how to find a perfect match from their large stable of the most beautiful horses you will ever see… and these horses aren’t some worn out to pasture horses you typically see on trail rides… these are horses with spirit, personality, and character.  As you get to know Tamara you begin to appreciate, than love her horses almost as much as she does.  These horses are in the best possible care with Tamara there.
Craig…. Craig is one of those rare human beings that once you meet him you know you met a real person, the kind of person you would trust you life with.  Kind, patient and yet someone you would not want to be an enemy of.  He’s the kind of person you would want in your corner when it really mattered… within a few days being around Craig and you realize you could not be in better hands.  He knows the horses, the lay of the land like the back of his hand.  Craig is the kind of individual that makes America great…. Independent, honorable, trustworthy, and the kind of person you will never forget once you are lucky enough to spend some time with.  Craig is the definition of a “gentleman”.  It doesn’t get any better

If you are looking for a “REAL” experience on a working ranch, meeting real people who will make you feel like family the moment you meet and want to have an experience you will always treasure than Hideout Ranch is your kind of place.  We stayed a week and hated leaving.  Tamara and Craig are the kind of people the world needs more of… real, authentic and now for us... family.

We have traveled around the world and as travelers we know it’s the people you remember, those who impact our lives and those we are fortunate to impact theirs as well. Without hesitation if you want to experience the real west with two of the nicest people put on the planet than you don’t need to look any further.

I stayed only 3 days back in January, and wished I could have stayed longer.

I rode Ike, one of the best guest ranch horses I've ever ridden - and that's saying a lot. The cabin was quiet and comfortable. The food was really good too. I hope to be back!


In late November 2010 we spent 2 whole days at Hideout, fabulous people there and fabulous horses! First day we rode the beautiful Horse Shoe Canyon spending the night under the stars. Tamara had told us "this would be an experience for life" and it surely was, in a positive way. Wonderful horse back riding during the day and at night cuddeling up in a cowboy sleeping bag, listening to "our" horses close by, watching the stars in the sky and see the almost full moon, this REALLY was an experience for life! Next day we rode Sulphur Canyon, also beautiful. Tamara and Craig were great, great guides. Our hot meals were done by Jerry, his "Cowboy Cookin' " tasted sooo good and fitted perfectly in in this environment. Thanks to all 3 of you! Have to admit we are a bit proud of spending the night under the stars. We were both born in 1945, so not quite young any more, but having Tamara, Craig and Jerry to look after us in every way, all the time, we felt great and we felt safe. We said we would come back and we surely will: In April 2012 we are going back for more days and adventures at this unbelievable place, with it's wonderful people and horses. "You can live your life or you can talk about living it, Knut and you really live your lives", Tamara said to me, so hereby I recommend everyone: visit Hideout, experience the people and the horses and you will feel you are really living!

One of the best places with the best people in the world for a vacation.

This is the type of place you go to where a short visit turns into a life long friendship.

We were at Hideout Ranch twice in one year. And we can`t wait till next time.

Craig and Tamara are awesome! The most delightful hosts you can imagine. Guests are treated like family. We rode with them in the Chiricahua and Peloncillos Mountains, each day a different amazing ride. Lots of history of the Old West. Riding the Parade Ground of Old Camp Rucker is unforgettable. The trails and country are absolutely gorgeous. The horses are special: responsive and honored by the owner. This is not a fancy ranch, this is the real thing, though Skype with family members in Germany on Christmas day in the sonoran desert was a luxury. Craig and Tamara are ranchers, and have dedicated their lives to their animals and guests. The food was delicious, and there was plenty of it. Riding at Hideout Ranch is the best Arizona has to offer.

Our visit to Hideout Ranch was very short but truly enjoyable.

The history of the Chiricahua Mountains is so fascinating and to be right in the midst of it all, was awesome. The guest house was very comfortable (almost too comfortable) and the food was great. We really enjoyed the huge steaks cooked over an open fire. We have ridden horses a few times in the past but this has been the first time that we were not sore after riding. We were taught the proper way of riding horses that we have never been taught before. Tamara, Craig and crew were excellent instructors. This made our ride so much more enjoyable. Tamara and Craig were the perfect hosts. They were very friendly and gave us personal attention the entire time. We couldn’t have asked for it any better. Our family is looking forward to returning to see more of the history of the Chiricahua Mountains.

Our Ranch holiday in Arizona - My boyfreind and I stayed at Hideout Ranch in November 2012 and had one of the best times ever.

Tamara and Craig are true Ranchers and if you like very good & happy horses, beautiful scenery, welcoming hosts, beautifully decorated cowboy accommodation and great food, then Hideout is the place to go. Unfortunately, we were only able to stay for three days but woud be happy to stay much longer. The horses are very sensible, extremely sure-footed in the mountains, forward going and FUN. No matter if you have little or a lot of riding experience you will find a perfect steed from one of the total 28 horses on the Ranch. If you like animals then you can also say meet lots of cattle, 2 donkeys (very sweet!), ...... Tamara and Craig are great fun and welcoming hosts. I can sincerely highly recommend this Ranch!

I have never ever been so sad to leave a vacation destination as I was when Sam and I left Hideout this morning.

Thank goodness for sunglasses to hide my eyes welling up! Missing you all already! A ranch was an unusual choice for a honeymoon but we wanted something different from the usual beach holiday and this was definitely it! It is something I have always wanted to do so was more than happy to agree when Sam suggested it. He had never ridden before - apart from an hour session I made sure he had before we went - but you could almost see the riding bug taking hold as we were climbing up mountains and riding through canyons. The scenery is breathtaking, every day was something different. Galloping across the parade grounds gives the most incrdible feeling of freedom - although I think for Sam it was more a feeling of pain, maybe the next time round he will find it slightly easier! It is so hard to choose a favourite ride, but I think mine was the ride on the last day - the Cochise stronghold. The ride threw everything at us and the view when we stopped for lunch was sensational. Being able to watch the sun rise and set over the mountains was just so unique - I have never seen sky like it, so many different colours. The food was delicious, the accommodation is lovely, the horses are all beautiful, gentle, trustworthy creatures - throw in a couple of donkeys, 2 goats, a load of cows and 4 dogs (including the most adorable black lab puppy I have EVER seen) and you have yourself a ranch! Tamara and Craig are 2 of the nicest people you will ever meet and are completely devoted to doing something they love - it's truely infectious!

We had a great time.

As you know, we've done lots of these trips, and you have been simply the best. I think I speak for all four of us. Chuck and I flew out of Albuquerque Wednesday, so I have only been home two days. Getting my act together with pictures and will forward some to you soon. Good luck with your building projects, especially 'The Town.' I enjoyed checking out the progress there on the last day. Give Ike and Cholo (sp?) a carrot on me. It was great riding and talking with both of you.

Hideout Ranch is a great place to get away and enjoy the west as it was intended.

The scenery is beautiful, the food is amazing, and Craig and Tamara are great people to be around. The horses do great on the trail rides and you get to see parts of the west that haven't been touched since Geronimo and Cochise roamed those mountains. I highly recommend Hideout Ranch to anyone who wants to get away from it all and enjoy great scenery, horses, food, and people.

Hideout Ranch has become my home away from home.

It is truly a magical place that I can't say enough about. The owners, Craig and Tamera J. Lawson are completely committed to making sure that your stay is both memorable and enjoyable. They are also dedicated to making sure that their horses and livestock are happy, healthy, and safe. As a horse owner myself, I can assure everyone that the Lawson's herd is the most incredible group of horses I have ever been around. Having ridden quite a few of their horses myself, I know firsthand that they are all absolutely incredible; not one has a mean bone in its body and there is a horse for every person, no matter what the experience level of the rider is. This ranch is not like any other guest ranch that I have ever been to. It's not the typical follow the leader in a nose to tail line on the same trail every ride type of place that most guest ranches offer for their riding program. If you visit the ranch, you will see the most incredible scenery in the entire world.

Just back from a 5 day stay at Hideout Ranch. I cannot rave enough about this ranch.

The staff, the horses, the food, the whole package was absolutely amazing. With this having been our 5th ranch vacation, having stayed at different guest ranches across the United States over the last few years, Hideout takes the prize! It wasn't the same old ride each day like at most guest ranches.

Each day greeted us with a different ride and a different adventure. The scenery is unsurpassed. Each ride was very different than the others, and safety of both the horse and the rider was always at the top of the list!

The horses are extremely well cared for, friendly and absolutely surefooted! As a horsewoman myself, I'm very picky when it comes to horse care. Hideout Ranch treats each horse as family. They're well cared for, well fed and well groomed. Their happiness shows when they're out on the trail. They're a delightful herd, each with their own unique personalities!! The tack used was all high quality, not a bunch of old dusty synthetic saddles and nylon bridles like a lot of ranches use now. Each horse was carefully selected for my family members, and everyone was delighted with their steed!

Jerry's cooking was amazing! From the gallons of coffee brewing over the open fire at breakfast, to the downright delicious dessert following each dinner, the food was wonderful!

Tamara and Craig, we shall return! My only regret was booking only 5 days. We're in serious Hideout withdraw!

Happy Trails!

Having recently gotten married, we wanted our honeymoon to be adventurous which is why we headed to Hideout!

" Right from the start the owners, Tamara and Craig, were extremely helpful with our emails and queries. They were genuinely interested in our plans and wanted to make our holiday so special. It felt like they were a very personal company instead of many other ranch companies that pull you in on a conveyor belt. Upon arrival at the Hideout Ranch our expectations were met. Tamara and Craig are such lovely people and we both enjoyed their company immensely. They were so thoughtful and considerate to us, making it a wonderful experience all round. Our trip was fantastic - we started our 2 day camp out with Craig and explored some outstanding scenery and countryside, pure cowboy style! The horses were chosen to meet our ability and they were just awesome. My wife has never ridden a horse before, but she coped well due to how well trained they were. We had our independence on a horse with added security and knowledge that we were safe on these lovely animals. Our evening camp out was fantastic. We had some gorgeous home cooked food on a fire, one or two beers with Craig and even some Champagne to celebrate our marriage. The evening finished off in some unique cowboy beds looking up at the bright starry sky. Wow!!!  Overall, this experience was was exactly what we were after. Such friendly and kind people added with a true wilderness experience has been unforgettable. Thanks Tamara and Craig - we are already thinking about returning very soon. John and Grace Motemavelian England, United Kingdom."

The scenery was gorgeous.

" Ike was very surefooted, and let me know that I could relax and leave a longer rein without losing control (it had been a good eight years since I’d ridden and I’d been concerned about how I’d manage on horseback after so long away – he made it easy!). Jerry’s cooking was a great way to begin and end each day. I was lucky enough to be the only guest at the time, everyone made me feel so welcome, and it ended up being a great way to celebrate my birthday. I plan on returning and this time bedding down in one of those new bunkhouses being built on the ranch – they were shaping up nicely when I was there, but the recent pictures show them complete now and so inviting!"

Dave and I thoroughly enjoyed...

“more than we can say, all the wonderful trails you introduced us to while we visited your lovely ranch in Arizona at the New Mexico border. Great fun, great trails, great experiences. Thank you for your most cordial treatment. We are more than happy to have anyone call us for a recommendation anytime.”

Beautiful Mountains